Intoduced by my father in law, I am meeting Mr. Abe, a long time friend of the family.
We take a walk to a restaurant where a friend in common, Chatany is joining us.

An employee guides us to a separated room and I understand that I am invited to a traditional restaurant, a Ryotei.
A young woman in kimono is serving all the long of the evening and we have about ten different dishes.
Beside, we are drinking considerably much alcool and it is difficult to concentrate on both, the eating and the pictures.
Also, in a Ryotei the rooms are rented out for a certain time and with my photos I cause extra time.

After this remarkable dinner I continue the evening in a bar with Chatany.
She is speaking to me about a young generation of chefs breaking with traditions and developing new concepts.
I hope to have the chance to discover one of them a next time.


Saki-tsuke Appetizer







Mushimono Steamed Dish



Hot Pot with Matsutake



Mizumono Dessert