In a tower building next to the One World Trade Center I go to my first appointment. Situated in the ICE cooking shool I am visiting the Farm.One. It is a small room without daylight where herbs and edible flowers are cultivated. The farm is using hydroponic methods and LED lightning. The positive aspects of a farm lab is it’s efficent control of hygienics and resources.

When it comes to farming New Yorkers must be inventive and gardening techniques such as Aquaponic, Hydroponic or even Aeroponic  are most commun. Space is a luxury and people here like to be innovative.

In such a context the Lowline or Terreforms idea of an Urban Farm Pod are finding a fertile soil.

The Lowline project has the intention of transforming a former trolley terminal on the lower east side into an underground park. Solar technology would project a necessary intensity of light to the underground and enable plants to grow.

Terreform‘s Urban Farm Pod project is a Plug-In Ecology cabin sphere using a robotic milled rotegrity ball. A digital monitoring platform relays information about specific plant health to the web.

But nothing is more impressive than standing on one of the rooftop farms in Manhatten or Brooklyn and to see the skyline around.


Brooklyn Grange



Terreform: Urban Farm Pod



Lowline Lab



Lucky are those who have their own backyard garden like Anat and Shay!



Hydroponics is a the method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutients in a water solvent.
Aquaponics combines conventional aquaculture raising aquatic animals with hydroponics.
Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air environment without the use of soil Hydroponic growing methods




LED lightning 



Aeroponic growing methods