You can’t get empoissoned on seaweed …that was the resume of my online research.
I am at the westernmost point of Europe. Finistère, Bretagne, Atlantic coast.
Extreme tights and extremly rough sea. It is a landscape that is marked by the ocean. But a generous place for my seashore excursion.

At low tide each of the water filled bassins needs an individual description so different their insides are.
Dulse, Wakame, Nori, Kombu, Haricot de mer, Laitue de Mer to list only the most known.
The Breton’s know about the culinary value that creates a regional taste just as buckweat galettes and salty sweets.

There is increasing request on seaweed products that let aquacultur buisiness grow.
Marinoe ( is one of them with a large range of seaweed products.
Thanks to them I used fresh Spirulina for some of the following recipes.


Haricot de mer and Gigartina, Ulva, Fucus dentelé



Right: Guacamole with Spirulina



Left: Corallina caespitosa



Left: Galette bretonne with capers and seaweed



Fucus dentelé and Codium Tomentosum



Left: Crazy Shake with Buckwheat Spirulina Ice Cream and Crêpe



Right: Homemade Pasta with Spirulina



Ulva Compressa



Low tide