„I am vegetarian and to be connected with nature is important to me.
So, I try to respect the seasons.

To me the question is, how can nutrition improve my health?
What does a human body really need to function?
Back in the time there was more knowledge about plants and herbs.
That is why I am interested in recipes from earlier times.

In my personal ranking, the foods taste comes secondary after being healthy. But if it does, it is even better

I enjoy spending time in nature.
As soon as it is warm enough I will sleep outside in a tent.

The nights in the forest, I listen to the birds and animals and play my instruments with them.
Nothing is more inspiring to me than nature is.
When others get excited about cars or other technical things for me nature’s creation has it all and there is nothing more beautiful and exciting to look at.“



Winter has gone and the nature resources itself with energy. The trees are pumping water into the canopy to enable branches and leaves to grow. It is the moment to trill a birch and to collect it’s sweet and bitter sap. Consumed with moderation it cleans the renal system. 

On birches you may also find a Chaga mushroom. Lucky if you find one easily to reach as they can grow very high on the trunk. It has anti-oxidant effects and tastes nice as an infusion tea.






Nettles and sea buck thorn is what Achim is collecting for nutritional uses. With comfrey and calendula he is creating balms. His basket is of great use to collect plenty of nettles. 

Once dried he separates the nettle seeds by hand. For conservation he will mix nettles and buck thorn with honey but for the balms he will use olive oil.




Attentively observing his surroundings he perceives what others do not notice. Nature is his artistic inspiration and a harvest decoration an occasion to express his matters to a passer-by.

The remaining lovage will be dried to make a herbal salt.




It is the latest harvest and the most demanding. After the first snow the sloes are loosing bitterness and that is the reason to collect them now. Three times they have to be doused with the same boiling water and the idem will be cooked down with sugar to a syrup.